Lose Weight with Coconut Oil or Any Healthy Fat!

Coconut Let’s break the dogma about fats making us fat.  Fats do not make us fat, and that is a fact.  In order to lose weight and maintain the results, we must train our body to burn fats for energy.  The simplest way to do so is by consuming healthy saturated fats such as coconut oil because it contains about 60% of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which are the fatty acids your body’s metabolism burns for energy. It works best when your insulin levels are low (due to a low carbohydrate diet) and there are no carbohydrates to metabolize.  Stay tuned for the next blog about “Consuming more calories will make us fat” and why this premise is wrong and how all calories are not created equal. Continue reading “Lose Weight with Coconut Oil or Any Healthy Fat!”